An unjust Church is no church at all

THIS from Tyler M. Tully: “Lately, there has been a lot of talk around “inclusion.” I get the thought behind making comments like “including gays” and “LGBTQ inclusion,” but that sort of rhetoric really betrays how privileged and dominant heteronormative views have become. Are we cisgendered straight people really making the case that LGBTQ people aren’t already indwelled with the Holy Spirit, that they weren’t at Pentecost, that they aren’t already a part of the Body of Christ, that there aren’t already LGBTQ persons in the pews and part of the Body? If anything, we cisgendered straight Church members should be having discussions centered around why we are “excluding LGBTQ” instead of whether or not we are willing to “give them a place at the table.” It’s the Lord’s Table, not ours, but it ceases being the “Lord’s Table” when it starts being “our table” as defined by those we exclude….”

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